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The Gourmet Selection


Bacon lardon and gizzard salad 
Fish soup with croutons
Local Landes salad with foie gras
Mushroom casserole with persillade sauce
Mushroom omelette
Shrimp tails in garlic
White asparagus with vinaigrette

Foie gras

Warm foie gras escalopes with mushrooms
Warm foie gras with piquillo peppers
Warm foie gras with apple
Cold foie gras with onion compote


Eel with parsley
Lamprey in wine and onion sauce
Sole meunière
Sole with mushrooms

Meat & poultry dishes

Beef rib steak (450 g)
Grilled duck breast fillet
Chalosse beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon
Rossini-style duck with foie gras and mushrooms
Slivered duck fillets with parsley
Duck and foie gras brochette
Calf’s sweetbreads in a creamy mushroom sauce
Calf’s liver with parsley
Chalosse roe deer stewed in blood sauce
Wood pigeon ragout
Lamb filet mignon brochette with beans

Gourmet desserts

Homemade pastry
Harlequin flambéed platter
Chocolate profiteroles
Sorbet or ice cream
Irish coffee
Grapefruit sponge cake
Roasted pineapple with mango sorbet
Mountain cheese souquet.

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Hôtel Le Commerce

near Orthez, Dax & Pau